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    Unhappy Missing widget after installation with APIBridge

    Hello guys,

    I've been trying to figure this out for the longest time .... ugh.
    I've packaged the widget and the APIBridge into a sis and got it signed (Open Signed Online) for testing purposes.

    The installation went well ... except that I can't find the widget anywhere, it's not in the Application folder but turns up at the Application manager list. Come to think of it, the widget wasn't installed at all and probably resides in the d://wgzinstaller folder.

    As it turns out, the file size indicated in the application manager shows that it hasn't been unpackaged since the unpackaged wgz would be close to double the size.

    Anyone experienced this before? It gets rather disheartening that something seemingly simple turns up horribly complicated

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    Re: Missing widget after installation with APIBridge

    Nmind, I found the problem. For those who are experiencing similiar problem, here's what I found out.

    I made typo in widget filename in WgzInstaller.cpp. That caused the WgzInstaller to not install the widget file

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