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    Question Nokia 2700 Classic

    Hi all!

    I got a Nokia 2700 Classic phone and i would like to create an own theme.
    My problem with it is I can't set the clock to appear on the upper row. When I open a theme with Carbide.ui,
    on the PC it appears perfectly, but on my phone, the clock always appears in front of the background picture at Idle position. Could anyone tell me what should I do with the phone, to get the clock at the top right corner as in other menus?

    My another problem is I can' t create theme. I tried to walk through the tutorial, but when it tells me " Click the Contacts icon. In the Properties view, select Bitmap tab. Click Colorize checkbox to change colorize to true. Click the Color button that appears next to the checkbox. Select a new color and click OK. Click Click to Perform to change the color automatically." at change the color of the contacts icon menu, there aren't any bitmaps tab, neither colorize checkbox. Is my software wrong? I downloaded it from here. The version of it is:

    Carbide.ui Series 40
    Theme Edition
    Version 3.5
    Build TES40031209

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