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    Red face use gsoap on device error!

    i try to develop gsoap client on s60 5th .5800 xpress.
    the enveroment is carbide c++ 2.3.0,gsoap 2.7.
    i wrote a simple sample to test my webservice . it work in Emulate,but when i trying to debug thissamle in GCCE debug mode.it can't work.
    I trace to the source ,the error occur on function:
    soap->socket = soap->fopen(soap, endpoint, soap->host, soap->port);
    if (soap->error)
    return soap->error;

    i saw that soap->host is invalid value and soap->port=0,
    It must be soap_bind not work before this function call.
    anyone meet this error, and anyone has ondevice debug passed sample on gsoap?
    need to help.

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    Re: use gsoap on device error!

    Hi akoo,

    you're probably posting in the wrong discussion boards, please check the Symbian C++ boards.


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