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    Post Bluetooth/Obex...Please help me out

    I am using bluetooth/obex for message exchange between two mobiles. The first problem i am having is after authentication(client authenticating the server), if the server doesnt produce the same share secret, the client back off but the server is still showing on my UI that the client is available which may be the possible problem to my second issue.
    The second issue is after sending a "PUT" message to the server, the onPut handler of my handler class is not displaying it on the UI, however, i confirmed that the message is reaching the onPut handler using system.out.println but its not coming on my UI. please help me out.Thanks


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    Re: Bluetooth/Obex...Please help me out

    Please refer to various bluetooth/obex example on FN Wiki code page - http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._Code_Examples
    and try to take help from them.

    Or Cut&Paste your UI notification code on the server for debugging.

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