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    Unhappy Severe emulator problem

    Hello All!

    I have been using the S60 5th Ed. emulator during the last 2 weeks without much problems. Then, yesterday, it suddenly stopped working. First, it displayed a message to me: "Could not allocate thread local data.", and after I dismissed the message, my PC rebooted. Now, whenever I start the emulator, it first hangs in background for at least 10 minutes (!), fully loading one of my processors, and then the UI appears, but as soon as I try to run my application, it again displays the same message, "Could not allocate thread local data.", and closes.

    I have already tried to rebuild and reboot everything, uninstalled the SDK, removed any traces of it from my disk and from registry and reinstalled again, still I'm facing the same problem. Can anybody suggest how I can bring the emulator back to life?


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    Re: Severe emulator problem

    Check the logfile of the emulator, if it says something: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Epocwind.out (if the logfile does not exist, the article in 'Related links' describes how to enable it without having the emulator running).

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