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    Question Using utf-8 text files in project

    I need multi language support in my app.
    so I found this way will be good:
    messages that will be shown to user will be stored in utf-8 text file.
    in my app I will load some of them to memory and I will use their _numericValue_ (getNumberValue?) to draw letters using custom font (sprites).

    but there is problem : 1. WTK 2.5 dont like UTF-8 source files, so I cant check Character.getNumeric Value.
    will it work if I will load file to String var and then will work with each char of that string var?

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    Re: Using utf-8 text files in project

    Check the wiki for How to create localized text resources.


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    Re: Using utf-8 text files in project


    Yes, you should store messages in files (outside your program). Yes, you should use utf-8 encoding.

    If you want to display almost any alphabetic languages (languages that are NOT Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) then you display the utf-8 encoded Strings as you would in English. Most every phone has the necessary hardware and firmware to display all Western languages, and also most every language that uses an alphabet (Vietnamese, Indonesian, a variety of Indian languages, etc.). You do NOT need to use custom fonts.

    I don't use WTK, so I don't know what it likes (or doesn't). I use NetBeans and create my language files using OpenOffice which is happy to store text in utf-8 format.

    Matt Brenner
    UnME2, Inc.

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    Re: Using utf-8 text files in project

    Specify UTF-8 when you open the file (eg, through InputStreamReader), and then read Strings. Conversion from UTF-8 to UTF-16 (Unicode) will be automatic. All of the String and Character methods will work normally.

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