Hi !
I'm developping an application for palm pilot and i'm looking for the way to send picture or melody directly to the phone, like vCard for example (nokia logo manager does this in my pc, so it should work) :
To send vcard, I'm using OBEX (wich is native in palm), but i've tried many ways to send a picture or a melody using the same way, but with no success (i've tried to send a melody in "clear" (txt) mode, in hexa (after conversion), etc..).
I've noticed that obex is not very good to describe the files it is sending and in fact I need to name the file with the proper extension (ex: sending a vcard without naming the file with '.vcf' does not work), so perhaps the only thing I need is the good extension (I've tried .txt, .rtttl, .rttl, .rtx for the melody, but without any success)...
Can anyone help me ?


Posted by Thomas Chiroux, thomas@chiroux.com
on January 15, 2002 at 02:01