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    Check used alocation technology


    I am developing an application using either (A)GPS or Network-based location that should check the technology used for the fix.
    I've found a TTechnologyType in TPositionModuleInfo, and I tried using it. But if I disable AGPS in user settings, the ETechnologyAssisted flag is still set in my positioning module's info. I assume these flags just show the available technologies in the module, am I right ?
    Is it possible to know if a precise fix has been done with GPS, AGPS or network-based location using public APIs ?


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    Re: Check used alocation technology

    Here is a piece of code that you can use in your code to print debug info about what module/technology type is used.
    Please ask again if not resolved your case.

    TUint module = 0;
    iGPSAvailable = EFalse;

    error = iPosServer.GetNumModules(module);
    if(error != KErrNone)
    iGPSAvailable = EFalse;

    TRACE_INFO((_L("CGpsPositionRequest:oInitialiseL module = %d"), module ))
    TPositionModuleInfo info;

    for(TUint i = 0; i < module; i++)
    error = iPosServer.GetModuleInfoByIndex(i,info);
    if(error == KErrNone && info.IsAvailable())

    TBuf<100> buf(0);
    TRACE_INFO((_L8("CGpsPositionRequest:oInitialiseL GetModuleInfoByIndex # buf= %S "), &buf))

    if(info.TechnologyType()& TPositionModuleInfo::ETechnologyTerminal)
    TPositionModuleInfo::TDeviceLocation deviceLoc = info.DeviceLocation();
    if (deviceLoc == TPositionModuleInfo::EDeviceInternal)
    iGPSAvailable = ETrue;
    TRACE_INFO((_L("CGpsPositionRequest:oInitialiseL iGPSAvailable = %d"), iGPSAvailable ))


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