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    Do Nokia phones support JavaFX Application?

    To all Developers,

    What I did so far?
    I have created and Application using JavaFX 1.3, NetBeans and Java SDK 1.6. I created the .jar file for the application by building the application using NetBeans6.9. I tried installing the application using PC Suite's "Application Installer" utility.

    I have tested the application using following Emulators:

    1. DefaultFxTouchPhone1
    2. FxTouchPhone1
    3. DefaultFxPhone1
    4. QwertyFxPhone1

    But when I try to install the application using the PC Suite I get an error on my E71 (RM-246) which says:
    "Application not compatible with this Phone"

    Question to forum members
    Is there anything wrong with the way I am installing the app? Am i missing something while building my application? Should I try installing the application on other Nokia models?

    Note: I also tried updating my firmware to make sure I have the updated Nokia software

    I am assuming that Nokia smartphones support JavaFX. If not is there any workaround to run JavaFX applications on Nokia and other Java enabled phones?

    Comments/Feedback is appreciated

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    Re: Do Nokia phones support JavaFX Application?

    Welcome to Forum Nokia!

    No Nokia phones support JavaFX. Nokia have no published plans to support it. I'm not sure if any phones at all support it.

    There was a rumour of an LG, but I'm not sure it was ever real.

    Oh... I think you can install the Windows Mobile support from the Java ME SDK 3.0 onto a WinMob device, and then run JavaFX content... but check the documentation.


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    Re: Do Nokia phones support JavaFX Application?

    Thanks Graham... Just figured out over the weekend that JavaFX is only supported on Windows enabled phones... It seems I have to take the classic MidLet route for Nokia... Does anyone know any better GUI support for Mobile Development for Nokia?
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    Re: Do Nokia phones support JavaFX Application?

    Better GUI support for MIDlets? The following link list some possibilities using Java ME Canvases, although they are by no means perfect for all purposes

    Other possibilities outside Java ME are native Symbian C++, Qt or even Web Runtme
    For more overview level information, check here http://www.forum.nokia.com/Develop/


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