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    Where to look for desktop application example


    I'm fairly new at programming with Qt, so sorry in advance for the simple questions.

    I have a Nokia N97 and I would very much to have a program that looks the same the standard clock on my phone. It gives a time on my 'desktop' in a transparant container. To try to make this, I have installed NOKIA Qt SDK and I had hoped that an example would be there to get started, but there isn't (or I could not find it).

    I have several (beginners) questions:
    - How is the desktop on my phone also called? ("home screen', 'top window', 'main screen') I see different names everywhere, but are they the same of something different?
    - How is a program called on my desktop? I thought it was a widget, but now I am not sure.
    - Is the an example in the SDK or on the web?

    Thanks !

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    Re: Where to look for desktop application example

    I'm not Symbian developer, but I'm affraid that clock is home screen widget. At least on Maemo you would need a special library to develop home screen widgets. I guess on Symbian platform it's not any simpler.

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