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    Problem when creating different sofy keys on different tabs


    I was trying to create different softkeys on different Tabs. Creating the softkeys was fine but however until I press on one of the widgets the softkeys aren't visible. Here is how my code looks like

    QMainWindow *mainWindow = new QMainWIndow;
    QTabWidget *central = new QTabWidget;
    xTab = new QWidget;
    yTab = new QWidget;
    connect(central, SIGNAL(currentChanged(int)), this, SLOT(onTabChanged(int)));


    void onTabChanged(int index)
    if(index ==1)
    sKey1 = new QAction(yTab);
    skey1->setSoftKeyRole(QAction:: PositiveSoftKey);

    This skey1 softkey I created in yTab is visible only when I click on one of the widgets inside the tab.
    However if I add the sKey1 to central it displays properly but as I need to have different soft keys appear on different tabs that doesn't work.
    I really appreciate if anyone can provide any ideas/suggestions.

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    Re: Problem when creating different sofy keys on different tabs

    HI, Shredda

    Softkeys will be visible in the control pane of a Qt for Symbian application, if a focused widget has actions (QAction) with a softkey role defined..

    See this article which clearly explains how soft-keys made visible. http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...Qt_for_Symbian


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