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    Question Nokia should develop their own Antivirus Programme

    As a nokia cell phone user I have come acrosss the common problem of
    1) Cell phone Hanging
    2) Application restarting
    3) Cell phone restarting
    4) Cell phone hangs in messing application
    5) Their is no inbuilt Mobile Tracker for Nokia cell phones

    These are and some more problems r common for all users of nokia

    More problems r due to the Virus

    thats why nokia developer should develop their own Antivirus Programme

    And there should be Mobile Tracker (inbuilt)

    As there would be no problem of lost or stonen phone

    As nokia devices r costly

    It should has protection some way

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    Re: Nokia should develop their own Antivirus Programme

    There are really no real Viruses in a same sense that you get with Windows OS, mostly if you just install applications from sources you can trust you never have problems with viruses, so there are no point os device manufacturer's to do any virus protection at this point of time, anyway, you can visit F-Secure to see their mobile solutions.

    Most problems you are descriping are most likely not caused by viruses, but most likely by appications that are not really well designed/implemented, another reason to check the sources where you get your add-on applications from.

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