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    Storing data in text file and then searching !!

    Hi, i am new to j2me and trying to make a diesease identification app.
    I want to store all the diesease names in a text file with symptom. When user enter the symptoms i want to identifify the diesease name. How do i store all this information in a text file, and how to search it?
    I have seen a number of examples on internet it just tells how to read file, but how should i store the data in text file.
    Please help


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    Re: Storing data in text file and then searching !!

    Hi Kumar,

    You are not really raising Java ME questions. Rather, you are asking more general questions about data structures, sorting and searching.

    Perhaps, after you have determined what it is that you want to do, you will have specific questions about how to implement the approach you choose in Java ME. At that point you might be able to get help on this discussion board.

    Matt Brenner
    UnME2, Inc.

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