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    running and debugging with emulator and JBuilder

    I am trying to debug my application using the Nokia-Series-60 emulator and JBuilder.
    My problem is that for some projects I get in the run menu the "micro run..." and the "micro debug..." options and for some I don't (i.e. I get just the “run project” and “debug project” options).
    My questions are:
    1. What should I do in order to have these options?
    2. What the difference between "regular" run and "micro run" and likewise for debugging.

    Many thanks.

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    The difference between Micro Run/Micro Debug and normal Run/Debug commands is that with Micro commands you have J2ME features in use while compiling, running and debugging. These Micro Run/Micro Debug commands are not part of the standard JBuilder, you need to install also the Mobile Set. After you have installed the Mobile Set then the features can be used in your project. They are not always available, it depends on the JDK defined in project's properties. If the JDK is standard Java 2 JDK then Micro Run and Micro Debug commands are not available but if the JDK is J2ME SDK like Nokia Series 60 MIDP SDK 1.0 then they are available and can be used to run and debug the MIDlet. To check which JDK is defined in the JBuilder project select Project -> Project Properties and then Paths tab, the JDK is defined in the first row.

    Kind regards,
    FN Staff

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    Thanks for your answer.
    I already installed the mobilset and Nokia Series 60 MIDP SDK. I use both.
    The problem is that sometimes I get in th erun menu th e"micro" options for run and debug and sometimed I don't.
    Besided that, once I have both options - what the difference?
    Could you please give one example of someting I can't do with the "regular" run but I can with the micro run?

    Many Thanks.

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