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    Validating Input Values in Text field

    Hello all, i am trying to implement a TextField where users will have to input values in a certain format with numbers and alphabets, examples are like "NE40.0" or "35SW", "45NW24" etc. How can i validate that the user has put in the correct format. I know its possible to use an ItemStateListener but i am stuck with which comparing method to use or how to compare the strings.

    Please any other ideas?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Validating Input Values in Text field

    Hi iparrot ,
    The simpler way is when ever the user submits the form before that take the input field value and check the and alert the user if it is wrong format.

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    Re: Validating Input Values in Text field

    if you know what must be entered, what about using a choice group (combo box)?

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