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    IMEI from nokia mobile

    I wrote a java application on jave i.e j2me.
    I want to find unique id i.e. i used imei as device unique id for nokia mobile through code.
    I used two methods for imei.They are:
    But i did not get imei i got null for the above two methods.
    The application is signed even then the above two methods gave the value as null.

    If anyone knows the answer plz reply me.

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    Re: IMEI from nokia mobile

    The answer is documented where the property is documented, and many times also in the discussions here.

    For future reference, use the discussion search here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...?search_type=1

    The documentation is here: http://library.forum.nokia.com/index...B925CF670.html

    The key point from the documentation as far as Series 40 devices go is this: "On Series 40 devices, this property is available only in the manufacturer or operator domain". In other words, you'd need the manufacturer (Nokia) to sign the midle with the manuacturer certificates (that's not going to happen), or each and every network operator to sign the midlet (not likely to happen, either).

    The key point for S60 devices is this: "S60 3rd Edition FP 2". In other words, it won't work on earlier devices.

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    Re: IMEI from nokia mobile

    Thanks for your reply.
    I want to know the autostartup of the nokia application.
    Is there any option for autostart the application.
    If anyone knows the answer reply me.

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    Re: IMEI from nokia mobile

    You need to tell us what device(s) you are talking about.


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