I wrote a piece of software which does nothing else than reading some network data on a symbian phone.
In my code, I iterate over all network modes and then read the corresponding network status for each mode.

On my device I'm connected wit 3G to my cellular network and I'm connected to one WiFi network.

The device stati are: WCDMA: home network and undefined on WiFi.
If I switch from 3G to GMS, the change is recognized and the GSM status changes to home network.
But WiFi always stays undefined. Nevertheless I can read the IP address I got from the WiFi network. So I'm connected for sure.

So my question is: Does the API only "allow" one connection at each time (so 3G for example has a higher priority than WiFi and so WiFi is undefined)? I don't really believe that.
Is the problem the WiFi network itself?

I know, this is kind of a wired question, but I hope you understand my intentions.

Thank to all!