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    Question Code to capture a photo and send it to web server ?

    Hello ,
    I am totally noob to Java Me , I have allot of troubles in understanding java code examples that talks about taking photos , cuz it is not basic " it has many functionalitys " if it is possible to provide me with the most basic code to take a photo and store it using java me on a nokia mobile ( lowest possible code lines ) .

    and if possible another code to stream files from mobile to web server I well appreciate it so much

    or just give me the fastest way to lern java me , " cuz I have a deadline of 10 days !!! "

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    Re: Code to capture a photo and send it to web server ?

    Things will take time to learn about. if you are not familiar with the technology then it will be hard to work with such an API, MMAPI. Therefore I would recommend that you try to learn the same and search the web or even read the tutorials about this. There are lots of demos about to taking the picture using the Java ME on the web or even the wiki,like This.

    Please note that this is a good code written.

    the fastest way to learn any technology is to devote the time in it and do as much code as possible,
    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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    Re: Code to capture a photo and send it to web server ?

    Hi mr.natrix Wecome to Forum Nokia

    You no need to worry about your dead line please find the article how to capture the image and save


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