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    leave N97 in portrait view

    Hey, I would like to make sure that my application will work only in the portrait view, what do I need to do?
    Adam Zehavi.

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    Re: leave N97 in portrait view

    For the Nokia N97 which is S60 5th Edition device, you can use JAD attribute called as Nokia-MIDlet-App-Orientation


    S60 5th Edition

    Allows MIDlet to force either portrait or landscape UI orientation. The orientation is only fixed on devices that support the specific layout.
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    Re: leave N97 in portrait view

    Hi ,

    If you want to do programetically In the Displable class thre is a methos called protected void sizeChanged(int w, int h) when the screen sized changed . There you can check the canvas width and height and you can let you know like in which mode the application is running . And If the user is running in the non portlet view then you can give an alert like this application will run in portlet view only.

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