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    Question 4.7.0-beta2 linking problem )-: [QList::append();]

    Hi all.

    I've installed Nokia Qt SDK and then installed Qt for Symbian 4.7.0-beta2. It seems that a problem is whenever you use QList::append().

    Code that fails to link:
    QList<int> list;
    [...]/widget.o: In function `QList<int>::detach_helper_grow(int, int)': 
    widget.cpp:(.text._ZN5QListIiE18detach_helper_growEii[_ZN5QListIiE18detach_helper_growEii]+0x20): undefined reference to `QListData::detach_grow(int*, int)' 
    make[2]: *** [\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\epoc32\release\gcce\urel\HelloWorld2.exe] Error 1 
    make[1]: *** [TARGETHELLOWORLD2_0XEB8D0680] Error 2
    Any ideas? Is it my environment problem? Or maybe the beta itself? It seems to me like some internal Qt problem... I'm new to Symbian, not-so-new to Qt itself.

    Any help would be apriciated.
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