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    How to protect my software from piract

    Hello to everybody,

    i recently designed a mobile application with QT creator and self signed it.Before distribution i would like to shield it with a software that protects it against illegal copying and other sorts of piracy.Could anyone recommend a cheap but effective software for this purpose.I want a protection method that is not webbased and that can generate automatically as many keys as needed.

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    Re: How to protect my software from piract

    I think, DRM thread in this subforum is that what you are looking for
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    Talking Re: How to protect my software from piract

    Hi Kzomran,

    You could use offline (a.k.a. hashed) licenses generated by licmax.com. If decide to use an app store that supports dynamic licensing, such as MobiHand, Handango, YouPark, or your own site (a.k.a ISV Own Site), then the license can be acquired automatically from licmax.com every time a copy of your application is sold at the store.

    HTH. It was a great solution for us.


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