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    Resize of QComboBox Popup ListBox


    I am currently trying to customize QComboBox Popup List. As the default behaviour is not what I want.

    My application is always in the landscape mode. So I don't know how it would like in the portrait mode.

    In the landscape mode, the height of popup listbox is the same as the display height, even if there are only a few items to be shown. So, I mean the listbox height is not adjusted depending on the number of items to be shown.
    This does not look good. So I would like to adjust the popup listbox size.

    I have read throw the QComboBox document, QStyle etc. But I have not succeeded in any ways.
    I tried to change the size of the listview in the customised QComboBox, but it seems there is a container behind the listview. Though I could change the size of listbox, the weired container background is displayed behind the listview and its height is still not adjusted for the contents....

    If someone could help me, it would be great....

    Or is this a bug? as I think no one would be satisfied with the current behaviour. Or I am doing something wrong.

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    Re: Resize of QComboBox Popup ListBox

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