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Thread: JSR 239

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    JSR 239


    What Nokia phones support JSR 239? How to know if they support JSR 239? Is that in the Nokia UI API? If yes, what version?



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    Re: JSR 239

    Uhh.. should have included a little more information.
    What are you exactly trying to do? Would the JSR-184 do the trick?

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    Re: JSR 239

    '239 is supported on most Sony Ericsson "Java Platform" devices (those with model numbers starting C, K, W or Z) - check the specs for individual devices.

    It's also available on BlackBerry platform 5.0 and Android (though, Android devices don't run MIDP apps).

    For many applications, 184 is easier to use, and is available on more MIDP devices.


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