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    Question Publish FlashLite app

    Hello, I'm analyzing if I publish apps to OVI Store or not and I have a question...

    I develop in AS and I could make some apps in FlashLite but I want them to be paid apps and the problem I have is that as far as I know, when you install a SIS of a FlashLite app the phone you install it to makes a folder containing the SWF file of the app and this is a problem for me...

    Why? Because if the user can get access to the SWF, my app can be reproduced by anyone without being payed through OVI store...

    Can this be solved? Is there any way to avoid it?


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    Re: Publish FlashLite app

    There's no special protection (copy protection or piracy prevention methods) in use for Ovi Store for any kind of apps (be it native C++, Java or Flash Lite).

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