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    Red face Memory required to run a application in a basic mobile phone

    Hi can anyone tell me the minimum on board Memory required to run a j2me application which has a file size of 330 kb in a basic mobile phone.

    Thank you

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    Re: Memory required to run a application in a basic mobile phone

    Hi kumarv75,

    If you see the basic nokia phones which supports the java application it's JAR size limit is 125KB And the with an heap size of 500KB . And you have a storage of 3MB.

    You can't say like if your application size is 300KB and If you have a free space of 1MB it is enough for your application to run properly with out any memory out of exceptions . it is depended on how you have organized the application flow , For example In your application If you are creating the more temporary object at some point of time iif you are not freeing up the data it will lead to memory out of error.

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