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    VB control command using a Nokia phone

    Good day sir/ma'am,

    I'm a new member here and i want to know if there is anyone who can teach me a VB code that uses the text coming from a nokia phone to be interfaced with an external circuit.

    the abstract is this our project is to control a simple LED array using SMS but our problem is that the codes of all i researched is pointing to "mscomm" or the "AT" command im quite confused on how these codes actually work onto the program.

    a hint given to us by our professor is that we must use a GSM module to recieve the text coming from a cellular phone. another tip to us is that we may use a "broadband kit", popular in our country, as a substitute in making a GSM module.

    our main problem is that how can we get the text file coming from a cellular phone sent to the "broadband kit" to have it as a triggering mechanism on the program to turn on or off the LED array...

    will someone help me ive read most topics here that is concentrating on interfacing using mobile phones please help me im really in trouble...


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    Smile Re: VB control command using a Nokia phone

    you can purchase two devices,one is GSM emit module,another is GSM recieve module.
    then the control task can be implemented perfectlly.

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