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    Question Doubt in destroyApp() method?

    I am new to j2me, i have one small doubt in destroyApp() method.

    this code i am calling from LoginScreen class


    and exitMIDlet(boolean) is written at MRPlusApp class.

    public void destroyApp(boolean unconditional) {

    public void exitMIDlet(boolean status){

    Now question is I am passing true or false, MIDlet ends.
    Also my question is how its working....?
    from my point of view it should get into infinite loop....because destroyApp() is calling inside same function....

    I knew my question is silly but please help me..


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    Re: Doubt in destroyApp() method?

    Hi jayesh Welcome to Forum Nokia !!

    Please go through the below link

    Will this help?

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    Re: Doubt in destroyApp() method?

    There is no loop because:

    1. There is no code in destroyApp(). There is not much point in calling it if you have no code in it.

    2. You call destoryApp() after notifyDestroyed(). notifyDestroyed() might not even return, since it advises the device that you don't want to execute anymore.


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