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    .exe program that never exits(process not killed)

    now that can finally launch my application in boot start(using the famous ezboot thanks to Eric Bustarret
    and the newLC) site

    im now focusing on how to create a non-gui program that handle my sms operations....because earlier , i put the CSmsHandler on my container..

    is there any recomendation on how to create a non gui program that is runing in background....
    others said i used .exe program... but is there any article in the wiki that teaches on how to program
    a .exe that never exits(process not killed when it reached the end of the E32main)

    and why .exe program that created using carbide.c++ is not compatible with my n70 phone?
    the compilation into .sis using ARMI or THUMB goes fine. but when i try to installed it to my
    phone ,,,, my phone says "application may not compatible".

    pls help

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    Re: .exe program that never exits(process not killed)

    I do not really remember these aspects of Symbian 6-7-8, but you should check RProcess and User classes for methods like SetSystem, SetCritical, SetBusy or something that sounds similar to them. A .exe will not exit by itself, and if you find such 'protection' method, the system will not get shut down it neither.
    The compatibility warning is about the missing "Series60ProductID" line in the .pkg file (you can find such line in most GUI examples, put the same into your .pkg file, and the warning will not appear).

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    Re: .exe program that never exits(process not killed)

    thanks !!! u really reallt help a lot!!! from now on yor my idol

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