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    How to capture raw audio data with amr codec?

    i want to write something like skype for symbian device,so i need to capture raw audio data with amr encoder. after trying QMediaRecord and QAudioInput,unluckily,i can not get what i want.

    i could capture 'raw' data by QAudioInput class,but looks like it only supported audio/pcm. i could record audio with amr format,but i can not get 'raw' data in time.i mean by QMediaRecorder, must save audio to file at first.

    what can i do? thanks for any suggestion~

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    Re: How to capture raw audio data with amr codec?

    My money would go to http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.6.2/qtmultimedia.html

    Haven't done it myself so not sure though...


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