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    How to parse a XML file

    hello all,
    i want to parse the xml response which i get from a server.
    i don't know how to parse..
    can anyone help!!!!

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    Re: How to parse a XML file

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Discussion Boards
    You can either use the available XML parsers around or you can write your own custom parser. This topic has been discussed various times, so having a look over the web will be a good solution for you.
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    Re: How to parse a XML file

    also Graham wrote some excellent tutorials in the Wiki regarding the parsing API's...
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    Re: How to parse a XML file

    This is a non-trivial topic. You'd be well-advised to buy a book on the topic (or at least find a good online reference). "XML in a Nutshell" is a good book, and I'm sure there are several others.

    Note that there are two major competing parsing techniques: DOM and SAX, as well as some newer concepts such as "pull parsing". So you have to make a fairly big decision as to which way to go right up front.

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