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    Certificate issues on s40

    We have developed a midlet for nokia s40, but we have problem about adaptation of the application on 6500 slide and 5300.
    On 6500slude We have a java application sign problem:
    We have tested 3 build of 6500, each build have the same user agent.
    Sw v 03.80 10-09-07 ,v04.81 22-11-07 recognizes the midlet sign with as trusted with both verisign or thwate certificates.
    SW 04.84 doesn’t recognize neither thwate or verisign certificates.
    Last week we have registered in ours log 4.5% of 909 Application Authentication Failure for 6500slide
    There is a certificate recognize by all s40 model? How can we recognize build software that doesn’t have any certificate such as thwate or verisign during the application provisioning? If would be possible to identify these Handset builds, which certificate should we use in order to let the handset to identify the java application as trusted?

    About 5300
    We can install java application correctly whit sw v05.51 05-09-07 rm-146. The application is identified as trusted and works fine.
    With sw v 04.70 the application is identified as trusted BUT cannot perform any connect to internet.
    How can we manage this issue?


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    Re: Certificate issues on s40

    Hello opentecheng,

    The list below shows 6500 slide versions. I was wondering that if you work on
    versions such old as Sw v 03.80 10-09-07 ,v04.81 22-11-07, some of the problems
    may well be fixed in the newer ones. Please could you contact me by e-mail and specify what is your current status with these, as this post is already one month old?

    This would help me to assist you more specificly with your case.

    Best Regards,

    10.00 06-03-09
    09.60 21-11-08
    09.40 10-11-08
    08.30 03-07-08
    07.12 28-05-08
    06.60 07-03-08
    04.84 05-12-07
    04.81 22-11-07
    03.80 10-09-07
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][I]Marko Lumivuori
    Technical Support
    +358 40 8019330

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