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    Form submitting.

    I was about the view the webpage in my WRT application. So i did the parsing of the html source page, took only the content inside form tag. The parsing was successful, and the core content of the page has been displayed successfully. But when i click on the submit button on that page, nothing is having in the WRT, ie, form submission is not working. Should i have to do any specific code for reading & displaying the result of the form action too????

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    Vineeth K.

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    Re: Form submitting.

    Could you post your code here?
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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    Re: Form submitting.

    Hi Vineeth,

    standard form submission is usually different from the data transmission method you should use in WRT widgets. Infact, standard forms cause new HTML pages to be loaded when they are submitted, while in your widget you should use Ajax to transfer the form data to your remote Web server.

    Generally speaking, just placing a piece of HTML code taken from a Web page inside a widget is not enough to guarantee that it properly works.


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