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    Menu :Unable to Execute file for Security Reasons(-46)

    Whenever i try to open my app i get this error.

    I have already checked the capabilities added in my mmp file & also ran capability scanner.Capabilities added in MMP file fulfill the need as required in theproject.

    I have signed my app with cert n key .

    The one thing i changed since my project stopped working is the UID. I just changed the UID of the project and only after that it started showing this error.

    The previous UID was from protected range & the current one is also from protected range.

    I have checked its not reaching even to e32 Main.
    SO any pointers on this stated issue?.
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    Re: Menu :Unable to Execute file for Security Reasons(-46)

    It is rather unlikely that the UID has such effect, it sounds more like a capability problem with the .dll-s your application loads.

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