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    Nfc emulator problem


    I use emulator of 6212 for nfc test on windows vista.
    The emulator and nfc manager initially worked fine, but after a short while it started detecting the cards very slowly and finally it stopped working. I tried unistalling and reinstalling the SDKs but this didn't solve the problem. I also tried to execut the emulator and nfc manager in windows xp emulation mode.
    Thanks, best regards.

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    Re: Nfc emulator problem

    So after you reinstalled the emulator it still did not work at all? Or does the emulator work for a while every time you restart it and only gets unreponsive after some time of use?


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    Re: Nfc emulator problem

    I just can't understand why it stops working sometimes... it seems random!
    Sometimes in the nfc manager the current phone is named nokia 6212001 in a new tab near the default nokia 6212000 and the 001 works fine (it can detect all the available tags NDEFTagConnection/MFStandardConnection ).
    Moreover all the cards are attached to the 6212000 and I can't detach them.
    Best regards

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