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    hide image

    hi all,

    i want hide all image in jar file, but obfuscated can't do it. Who can tell me good solution fix my problem.

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    Re: hide image

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Discussion Baords,

    Well there is no solution if you had put the images to the jar file then they all will be visible to the others,so either
    1.Don't put the direct images to the jar file and use image as the bytes and put this files in the res folder,so,again there are chances that one can use you file and create the image,
    2.Put the image on the server and read the same in the client and use.

    I had never tried this but you can check if this can of of any use, Click Here .

    Kindly let us know the results.
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    Re: hide image

    Hi Gizmi,

    Can you explain what is your requirement and why do you want to hide . And why are you including the image in to the jar ?

    The simple thing is don't include that in the jar

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