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    Rate Control is not working

    hi all, I tried to get the ratecontrol object and change the rate as below

    Player p2 = Manager.createPlayer(inputStream, "audio/wav" );
    RateControl vc = (RateControl) p2.getControl("RateControl");

    however the rate is not changed. Can anyone know why? and how could i change the rate for non midi things?

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    Re: Rate Control is not working

    Try to use vc.getMaxRate() and vc.getMinRate() - see what values you get, and you can use setRate() to set a value between these two min and max values only.
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    Re: Rate Control is not working

    hi Amitabh, thanks but I already tried to set between max and min value.

    Min is 0
    Max is 10000,
    current value is 10000
    so I set it to a value 1000 something.

    And after I set it , I get the rate again to check for the value immediately, but the value don't change at all ( remains at 10000 )

    the api don't work on S40?

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    Re: Rate Control is not working


    anyone have similar problems?

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