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    Fullscreen query in Nokia 5230

    Hi ,

    I'm a flash developer and first time developing Mobile application using Flash lite.

    In my application added below code

    fscommand2("FullScreen", "true");

    when i test the application in Adobe Device Central CS4(Nokia 5230 Emulator), full screen is working fine, but when I run the .swf file in handset.. App is not appearing fullscreen and few keys are shown below the app.

    Need your help, what is the solution to show my app to full screen in mobile?


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    Re: Fullscreen query in Nokia 5230

    Hi tjvinoth,
    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Flash Lite Dibo ! . What you have to do is to disable that virtual keypad by calling this fscommand2 :
    One more suggestion, please, search this dibo before posting because mostly the questions in your mind are already answered here like this one.However, Hope you enjoy Flash Lite programming ..

    Best Regards,

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