Im using Service Framework (SFW) to create a service, say MyService. This provides an xml describing different interfaces. Im build a dll which has implementation for a particular interface, lets say this interface is com.myservice.xyz and dll is xyz.dll. All other implementations are part of service plugin.

So in QServicePluginInterface::createInstance im checking the interface and returning the correct handle. But to provide handle for the interface "com.myservice.xyz", I need to load the xyz.dll prior to adding the service.

So in myservice.pro i have added
LIBS += -L<xyz dll path>
LIBS += -lxyz

When client calls addService passing the xml file, the service is not added.

But if I include
LIBS += -L<xyz dll path>
LIBS += -lxyz

in my client.pro, then the service is added successfully and client is able to use "com.myservice.xyz" interface. Ideally client should add the service and use. It should not be exposed the service dependency like xyz.dll to be added in .pro

I dont know if this is a pure Qt Plugin question or service framework question - can I load dlls from a plugin as mentioned above and use them?

Update: Im using QtMobility 1.0 on winxp and the service is in-process.

Thanks in advance