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    "Search for WLAN" missing when using CApSettingsHandler

    Good day,

    I'm using the CApSettingsHandler API to show a IAP selection dialog to the user.
    I would like it to show the "Search for WLAN" option which is very useful for WiFi
    It allows you to scan & use a wifi access point on demand (w/o the need to predefine it on the device)
    (try for example to use the internet browser and you will be prompted for IAP selection menu
    which contains "Search for WLAN" as first option).

    Couldn't find any way to do it....Am I missing something? or should I use another set of APIs?

    P.S. Same problem encountered when using the 3rd FP2 & onwards API - CCmApplicationSettingsUi
    Anyway I prefer a solution which is good for 3rdFP1 too.

    Thank you very much,

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    Re: "Search for WLAN" missing when using CApSettingsHandler

    You can check if you like RConnection::Start, it usually includes the Search for WLAN option.

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    Re: "Search for WLAN" missing when using CApSettingsHandler

    Thank you for your answer, but this is exactly what puzzles me!

    I don't want to use RConnection::Start , but to show the dialog myself (I need to do some more processing after the user selects the answer).
    I don't understand why CApSettingsHandler doesn't show the same dialog as RConnection::Start....Is there a way to know?

    thank you

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    Re: "Search for WLAN" missing when using CApSettingsHandler

    Search WIKI for topic "Showing Access Point Dialog" , in there you can filter out specific types of APs , you might be excluding WLAN , just see it once.


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