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    Please help me with this question to my Thesis


    Hello My name is Diego and in this moment I am working in my thesis, but I have a question, the director says me if I want to talk something about the Positioning server and Networking positioning, that is because I found something about the supl.nokia.com, but this is a server from Nokia, and I cant found a explanation about what is and how working a Positioning server and Networking positioning, and if exist more servers with a similar conduct.

    Thanks a lot for the help, and sorry for my English, I am living in Spain.

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    Re: Please help me with this question to my Thesis

    you should really do some google search for the different technologies and how they work, it is rather hard to explain all stuff in discussion boards, as well as you would get a lot better reference materials, if you would actually search for the real documentation on the technologies.

    Basically the supl-servers are usually having some data from the device (like Cell-IDs erc.) and then giving a position correcponding to that infomation back. This could be sued for actual positioning, or as assistance data for A-GPS positioning.

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