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    Angry OVI Suite backup DOSEN'T WORK!

    Hi folks!

    I needed to backup my Nokia 5800XM, so I started up my OVI Suite.. updated suite to v. backup worked fine, but the problem started on restoring.. So what did I do? -

    Hard reseted the phone... now wanted to restore my contacts, mesages and calendar entries started ovi suite, clicked on restore from backup, he started to backu, now he sayes preparing to restore backup (I've started watching serial when ive started to restore the backup on the phone and the serial is 42min long) after the serial he STILL IS SAYING PREPARING TO RESTORE BACKUP So i had enough! Disconnected the cable and saw that there is NOTHING restored from backup JUST F*KIN WASTED MY TIME!

    I've needed my contacts and mgs... So I continued wasting my time and starting to dw PC Suite, installed, connected my phone, pressed restore from backup and in less than 5min the restoration was complete!

    Sorry NOKIA but YOU ARE FKIN SHIT! Whats the point of programm If it dosent work????????? This soo pissed me of.. because its not the first time!!! -> about month ago connected my girlfiriends n96 8gb and wanted to backup because I wanted to update firmware and he sayed preparing to backup for 1h... and didnt do anything... so I disconnected everything and didnt do anything..

    So just f*kin ERESE OVI Suite or make the Suite that works
    Sorry for this king of message but im so pissed right now that I could smash ALL your Nokia HQ windows! Thaks! and PLEASE FIX THE PROGRAM FAST!

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    Re: OVI Suite backup DOSEN'T WORK!

    I apologize for any inconvenience you had restoring your device. Unfortunately Forum Nokia is just for developer's support and is in a different division thatn the Nokia products. Therefore we have no expertise in end products and no way to communicate this to the proper department.

    You might want to post this on the product forum http://www.nokia.com/discussions/ and see if it gets attention there.


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