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    Qt SDK "Create package" and executable name

    I started to build old and quite big Maemo project from Qt SDK in Windows. (Before I've been using Scratchbox to build this project.)

    My problem is packaging and therefore also deployment, because my project creates executable with different name than the main project file.

    This is what I get:
    Packaging Error: Could not copy 'C:\project\trunk\projectname' to 'C:\project\trunk\debian\projectname\\usr\local\bin\projectname'.
    Is there a way to change executable name in Qt Creators "Create package" phase? Problem is Local File Path that obviously points to wrong place. I can change Remote File Path, but not local.

    I think I can workaround this by just changing the executable name and path (somehow) to one SDK wants. But ultimately I am looking for solution that lets me build and run/debug executable of my choice.

    - update -
    Workaround works. I changed TARGET and DESTDIR properties from executables PRO file. But I still want to know if there is alternative solution now or coming in future.
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    Re: Qt SDK "Create package" and executable name

    There is no problem with having different name of the package, project and binary. This is the most likely Qt Creator bug so should be posed to SDK and tools forum. Consider to provide a sample project for investigation.

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