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    Deploying with Qt Mobility framework

    It seems from what I have read that in order to deploy an application that uses Qt Mobility APIs it is first necessary to install the Qt Mobility framework on the target device. Either that or package it with the Nokia Smart Installer (which isn't supported for many devices).

    Surely it is too much to expect end users of applications to install Qt first. Any many (most?) available applications do not appear to have this requirement.

    So am I reading this wrong or is there a way to package the required APIs into the .sis file?

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    Re: Deploying with Qt Mobility framework

    Embedding .sis files has always been possible, check it in the documentation (since Qt stuff probably does not come with complete Symbian docs, use the on-line one, http://library.forum.nokia.com), search for embed
    The drawback of embedding is that your package will be large (the smart installer would download the extra components only if they are not present), and an embedded .sis happily downgrades already existing packages if the user allows that (a question about version numbers is presented towards the user, but a 'real user' may simply answer 'yes' as usual).

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