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    Question How to: MeeGo apps on Nokia Qt SDK

    Hi All,

    I took the phone book app (meego-handset-people) code from the MeeGo GIT. I'm working on windows XP SP3 with the Nokia Qt SDK (last version).

    My goal is to compile the previous meego project and launch it with the SDK simulator..
    Of course, once in the Nokia Qt SDK the code does not compile, since header files (MLayout, MLinearLayoutPolicy..) and above all the meegotouch lib are missing from the SDK..

    Is there anyone who went through this path of trying to develop a MeeGo app taken
    from the meego GIT (http://meego.gitorious.org) with the Nokia Qt SDK?
    or Had I better wait for new tools version genuinely MeeGo oriented?
    I do not really evaluate the "work needed" gap..

    Any comments?

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    Re: How to: MeeGo apps on Nokia Qt SDK

    Hi Pedro,
    There is no way to run the new meego touch libs on the simulator because those libs depend on dbus.
    However there is an old version that runs fine on dekstop..

    To develop for Meego there are few options:
    1) Using Meego SDK - http://wiki.meego.com/Getting_starte..._SDK_for_Linux
    2) Using fremantle SDK with the meego packages available in fremantle arm extras-devel repository
    3) I'M NOT SURE THIS ALREADY WORKS - You can add meego touch libs to Madde using the new tool xdpkg (http://meego.gitorious.org/meego-dev...c/madlib/xdpkg)... and they you can try the application on your N900.

    Anyway new and better solutions will come soon.
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