Nokia signing Symbian apps for free, new user experience services, and updated Ovi Store statistics

Nokia is increasing opportunities for developers by lowering the barriers of entry to publish applications and content to Ovi Store. This includes reducing investment costs for Qt and Symbian developers, providing new user experience services, and sharing updated Ovi Store statistics to help in effective decision making.

Today’s announcement includes the following:
• Nokia is officially signing Symbian apps for free
• Mob4Hire added to Nokia’s User Experience evaluation service
• Remote Device Access offers online app testing services
• Updated Ovi Marketing Tool helps developers promote their Ovi Store content
• New page on the Forum Nokia website detail Ovi Store statistics

Nokia signing Symbian apps for free
By removing the “public beta” for Symbian Signing, Nokia is demonstrating to Ovi Publishers its commitment to review the initial investment costs associated with getting a publisher ID and getting their apps signed. Ovi Publishers can have their Qt Symbian (with Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian), Symbian C++, Flash Lite apps, and Symbian Themes signed for free by Nokia after providing the necessary information and following some new steps during their application submission to publish to Ovi.

Mob4Hire available now
Forum Nokia's User Experience program has been expanded to include thousands of test users around the world available through Mob4Hire. The user feedback available from Mob4Hire consists of instantaneous responses from everyday mobile application users, and it is available to developers at a reasonable price.

Remote Device Access services
Forum Nokia offers two services for Remote Device Access (RDA) providing developers with working Nokia devices over the Internet. There is the free Remote Device Access; and there is also a paid service called the Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab, powered by DeviceAnywhere. Using RDA, developers can easily test and demo their apps prior to final release. In addition, DeviceAnywhere hosts weekly "tutorials" on the Ovi Daily App blog that demonstrate key features & functionality of leading apps in Ovi Store.

Updated Ovi Marketing Tools site
Ovi Marketing Tools is a free service for developers with content in Ovi Store that features an easy-to-follow, tab-based layout to create a wide range of custom banners (sized for both Internet Advertising Bureau standards; and for the .mobi format) in only seven steps. This site supports eight languages, and now includes both Facebook integration and media buying services from RingRing Media.

Find the latest Ovi Store statistics
Nokia developers, business people and others now have one official location on the Forum Nokia website to get the latest and historical Ovi Store statistics. At a future point, additional information may be provided.

We’re excited to share these new announcements with you and are always happy to hear your thoughts. If you have any questions please send an email to Ovi Publish support.

Best Regards,
Ovi Store Publisher Support