Lately when I visit the forum, the default settings seems to be to show threads from the last day. This is OK for some high-traffic groups, but for several others which I visit only once a month or so, it's not OK.

So I change the setting (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see it) to say, last month or last year. First, it doesn't seem to automatically refresh...I have to click "Show Threads' (mildly annoying). The bigger problem is that the setting isn't remembered. If I answer a post or change forums, etc. the setting seems to default again to posts from the last day.

How can I make the settings stick? Can I (a) make the settings different for each forum, or (2) set one setting for all forums? I looked through my profile, but couldn't see a setting there.

FYI, my preferred browser is Firefox, but I see the problem with IE8 as well.