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    Nokia 7160 & PocketPC


    I know this is not the right place to post this, but I searched high and low over at the main Nokia site, and couldn't find any contact information. Basically, I'm trying to connect a PocketPC to my ISP through my Nokia 7160 infrared port.

    The Nokia Site for the 7110 has a bunch of guides for connecting the 7110 to lots of PDA's, but all of the files come up as: "The page or file could not be found. The address or link may be invalid or outdated."

    The file I'm trying to view is http://nds1.nokia.com/phones/files/g...0_pocketpc.pdf

    If anyone has a copy of this file, or knows of another location for it, or how I can contact Nokia for this file, I'd be really grateful. Or even point me to the right place for posting this!


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    7160 pdf file

    Did you try the CD that came with the 7160 ? Nokia did come out with an updated version of the software that you can download form their website providd you had the 18 digit serial number. You maybe able to find that file there

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