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    Recording audio clips in Qt Simulator


    I'm working with the following development environment:

    * Ubuntu 9.04
    * Nokia Qt SDK 1.0
    * Qt Mobility 1.1.0
    * Qt Simulator target

    I am trying to record an audio clip using classes
    QAudioCaptureSource and QMediaRecorder from QtMultimediaKit.
    I am instantiating the classes as follows:

    mAudioCaptureSource = new QAudioCaptureSource(this);
    mMediaRecorder = new QMediaRecorder(mAudioCaptureSource,this);

    After this mMediaRecorder->isAvailable() returns true and
    mMediaRecorder->availabilityError() returns no NoError,
    but mAudioCaptureSource->audioInputs() and
    both seem to return an empty list.

    Is recording audio clips supposed to work in the Qt Simulator environment?
    If it is supposed to work, do I need to do some tricks
    like for example install some additional packages to Ubuntu?
    I am using a headset (earphones and a microphone)
    that is working ok in Ubuntu.

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    Re: Recording audio clips in Qt Simulator

    Make sure your plugins are in correct directory.

    put a debug message in QMediaPluginLoader::load() "qmediapluginloader.cpp" and check the paths being searched and make sure the .so files are there.

    In Windows the plugins had to be in AppDir/plugins/mediaservice.

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