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    Netbeans help please!


    I'm very new to the world of J2ME and java in general so sorry if my question is a bit lame
    I have installed netbeans 6.9.1 and all the java bits and bobs and have been having a look at the sample stuff that comes with netbeans and lal is looking good. I am able to compile the scripts to jar files and they work on my phone.

    Now, I have found some source code online which I want to messabout with. How do I go about compiling the source in netbeans? I created a new project, pasted everything in the project folder and when I right click on the project a click "build" it seems to compile fine (no errors or anything) but when the emulator starts up, nothing seems to be there?

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong and like I said, I'm about as green as they get, so any help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys and gals

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    Re: Netbeans help please!

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Discussion Boards..

    Well may the code that you have download is not doing anything on the screen, might be this is a background applciation.For this what I will suggest you is that you see the MIDlet code and check that whether there is any line like

    setCurrent(SomeDispayableLikeCanvas), please let us know the results.

    May be there are some exception and inside the catch block there are not println statements and hence IDE is not letting you know about the error/exception so try to put the println statements inside the catch block.
    Thanks with Regards,

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