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    Angry Qt Mobility on Device

    I have Nokia N97 Device and Would like to test how to use QMediaPlayer.

    Because I know from other post that the QMediaPlayer cannot run in Simulator. so,

    I install:
    1. Qt to Symbian Device
    2. Qt Mobility to Symbian Device

    then compile the project. error tell that

    #include <QtMultimediaKit/QMediaPlayer> # <- File not found

    This was compile fine in the Simulator.

    Any advice how to get this fixed ? - It seems like i cannot play VDO at all.

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    Re: Qt Mobility on Device

    At last, I can manage myself resolve this problem. Anyone interest to see how to run QMediaPlayer successfully please go to http://bananacoding.com/blog/archive...hard-part.aspx


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